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Flat Wheeler's Planning My Escape

Flat Wheeler began regularly playing the remnant acoustic versions of We Tip Our Hats To Broken Glass songs to small crowds of friends in spring 2006 at local venues, coffee shops, and living rooms in San Diego and Riverside. Over the years the music of Ray Taylor Sakover has gradually grown to become the hard hitting acoustic jams that make Flat Wheeler what it is today...folky-acoustic-mayhem, accented with screaming harmonica melodies that are reminiscent of a dying Adirondack Howler monkey. Facebook. Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Lost and Found
  • 2. Carry Me Home
  • 3. Planning My Escape
  • 4. Mama Taught Me Better

New Project: ShitTorrent

[some extensions of NOTON PEOPLE, The Tic Tocs, The Scabs, The Christie Brown Project, Lairdander, and SoundTest]

are recording their debut album "MEK@N1K DE5TRUK+1W L0G1K K0MM@ND0H5", due for release this summer.

Stay posted for details.