Ars Meta Omnisens by Brian B. James and Trevor Morris

An all-sensory poly-art study in three stations.

Sound. See. Taste. Feel. Odour. Ars Meta Omnisens occured as a live on-air happening at Stanford Radio Station on 2/12/12 for two hours, kicking off the Day of Noise Festival for KZSU.

The performers accomplished the tasks of building two 'monuments' out of plywood and lumber, cracking open and cleaning several fresh dungeness crab and rolling over 80 pieces of crab-bacon sushi, and creating a canvased painting of sorts, or flat sculpture if you will, out of the residue from all of the previous activies.

All tools used during the performance had handmade contact microphones attached to them and were fed into a mixer which was auto-looped and sent out into the live audio mix.

Graphics of the creation of the piece were projected onto the performers and studio and were mapped to audio changes in the 'Stations' of the piece.

Keenly baited crab-traps were arranged throughout the studio which had generous amounts of cured-squid fastened to them, and a side of bacon was cooked on a randge oven. The broken crab, cooked bacon, and cured-squid created an aroma in the studio that is certain to have lasted the entire length of the festival.

All witnesses were offered the freshly created sushi, and many indulged.

Download the Printable Score/Pamphlet

Images below by Jin Zhu.
A movie of performance images by Owen Morris: