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Pancho-san's Americans

With their sophomore release, Pancho-san brings back their jangly and ethereal textured sound, but this time adding more synthesizers and pop elements. The new album is called "Americans". Pancho-san is the monicker for the band led by songwriter Patrick Abernethy (formerly of Beulah, and Rogue Wave). For Americans, he enlisted the help of his old bandmates Pat Spurgeon (of Rogue Wave) and Eli Crews (of Beulah, and tUnE-yArDs producer). Pancho-san has played shows with... the Papercuts, Admiral Radley, The Fresh and Onlys, Exray's, Tim Cohen's Magic Trick, Little Wings, Two Gallants, Still Flyin', Grand Lake, Man/Miracle, Nyles Lannon, Meric Long (The Dodos), The Mumlers, The Black Swans, and Miles Kurosky (of Beulah).

Track Listing:

  • 1. Americans Can't Be Romantic
  • 2. Scientists Have Their Theories
  • 3. A Fool, A Fall, A Foal
  • 4. I Will Climb A Palm Tree
  • 5. Dreams And Afternoons
  • 6. Busy, Busy
  • 7. Make Your Life
  • 8. Nobody Else Holds A Key
  • 9. Like I've Been Shown

New Project: ShitTorrent

[some extensions of NOTON PEOPLE, The Tic Tocs, The Scabs, The Christie Brown Project, Lairdander, and SoundTest]

are recording their debut album "MEK@N1K DE5TRUK+1W L0G1K K0MM@ND0H5", due for release this summer.

Stay posted for details.