The Tic Tocs'
Barista Preista

The Riverside garage rockers present an epic new EP on Burger Records.
End of August.


Pancho-san's Americans - CD

Sophomore release of former Rogue Wave and Beulah member, Patrick Abernethy.

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Planning My Escape

Flat Wheeler's Planning My Escape - 7' EP

Born in the land of milk and honey from where dreams go to die.

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Notion People

Notion People

Lairdander fallout. A little ShitTorrent seeds. SF super-cycles-instrumental-prog-rock.

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The Tics Tocs

The Tics Tocs

Four homeless men emerging from the gutters of Riverside come forward.

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Myotonia - CD

Death. Impotent. Luckfuv. Prophet. Of, Death. Oakland, Myotonia. Rest In Piece.

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Building a Circuit Into a Big Vat of Refried Beans

Soundpress Compilation 1 Building a Circuit Into a Big Vat of Refried Beans

Johns, ReRunner, Lairdander, spratt, Dantzig, Krishnan, Jurado, Crowbard, Test, Konovaliv, Symboli, James, Whaley, swank106, Morris, Tallman.


Seaford Suite

The Crowbard's Seaford Suite

For some of us, music works as interlude to the day's events. The world presented by The Crowbard, it's only life that gets in the way of the music.



Brian B. James' Seitan

Situation. Process. Time. Method. Circumstance. Materials. Frequency. Lack. Non-concrete. Concrete.



Soundtest's sp009

San Francisco SFSU fallout free-improvised-imagery-chart-dreamers first release.